[Beijing Opera]
8/9/10 October 9.00PM
Farewell My Concubine
Jia Jinsong & Zhang Yanhong
Two Beijing Opera singers and teachers from Beijing National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (中国戏曲学院) will perform excerpts of Farewell My Concubine (霸王别姬), Chastising Cao Cao (击鼓骂曹) and The Jade Bracelet (拾玉镯).

The singers include Zhang Yanhong, a master degree holder in Chinese Opera, who is a well-known author and video presenter for the training of the role of “dan” (young female). She has performed in Germany, Switzerland, France, England and Korea and has taught at the Binghamton University, New York; as well as Jia Jingsong, who has performed as Liang Shan Bo in Butterfly Lovers with the international renown Beijing opera singer Zhang Huoding (张火丁)in 2014. Also a master degree graduate from Beijing National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Jia has won many Beijing opera singing awards organised by CCTV. He received the Best Teacher Award from the Beijing Opera Foundation.
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