25 & 27 November 8.30pm
Shakespeare Demystified: THE MERCHANT OF VENICE 2016
Presented by KL Shakespeare Players--the only theatre group in Malaysia dedicated to “un-scarifying” Shakespeare and bringing him closer to a diverse audience-- this show features the canonical scenes in original Shakespearean English. Narration, in contemporary English, punctuates the performance to provide contexts, character analyses and clarifications of unfamiliar “Shakespearean expressions”. The theater-goer who has never read or even heard of Shakespeare will, by the end of the performance, know at least the main plot, major themes and relevant social issues.

The story: The Jewish moneylender Shylock lends Antonio (a Christian merchant) 3,000 ducats. The loan contract sweeps the two men and everyone in their worlds into chaos as prejudices and the desire for revenge play out when Shylock demands the “pound of flesh”. The insightful Portia boldly intervenes to save Antonio, with unforeseen consequences for all. For 100 minutes, it takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, with its strong exploration of race, religion, the law, justice, friendship, love, gender and marital fidelity.
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