[Play (workshop performance)]
3/4/5 June 9.00pm
The School of Night (3 Jun) The School of The School of Night (4&5 Jun)
Oliver Senton
Suppose you could summon the ancient Muses? Extemporise everything from Pinter to Shakespeare? Suppose making stuff up was just more entertaining than writing it down? In the 16th century, the School Of Night was an arcane, underground sect of artists, thinkers, writers, scientists and spies, who some scholars believe wrote Shakespeare’s plays. The heretical troupe has risen to the challenge of Hard Bardics, improvising lost masterpieces, summoning the muses and channelling the great poets and playwrights of the past.

Oliver Senton, a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and the West End and whose career has travelled from the wildly alternative to the heart of the classical repertoire, will lead in `an Evening of Channeling the Muses; by the School of Night. Expect something hidden and obscure; and every night is different, with everything created on the spur of the moment according to ideas and suggestions from the audience.
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