[Theatre Comedy]
19/20/21 February 9pm
Angry Pyjama’s by Scott McQuaid
Tan Yon Lynn, Gabriel Tham, Bryan Tiang and Scott McQuaid as ‘Edgar’
Angry Pyjama’s is an original one-act comedy play written and directed by Scott McQuaid.

The story takes place on a building ledge when Lucy, a wannabe actress slash waitress decides to end her life. This task proves to be rather difficult with her interfering obnoxious neighbor, Edgar and another building tenant, Matt, who also plans to jump off the same ledge. Lucy and Matt share their views on life at their peculiar encounter, and before long, a romance between the two begins to bloom.

This unlikely relationship gets even more bizarre after they order a pizza and the delivery man, known as the Pizza Guy joins them on the ledge. Lucy and Matt begin to have doubts about jumping, just as Detective Kaplan turns up and tries to talk them out of their attempts. This only embarrasses Lucy and she is once again considering to jump..

So will she jump? Will they jump? Come watch the play and find out.
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